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Welcome to Cellar Bid

Cellar Bid is an online wine auction website for the purchase and sale of wine online. In years gone past, fine wine was only available to the “privileged few”. With the advent of online wine auctions, fine wines are now available to everyone. Our online wine auction is a great place to find wines that you can't find locally; be it a rare expensive wine or a great bargain. We also provide a feedback forum so that you can learn about a seller before you bid on their wine at auction.

While there are numerous online wine auctions, Cellar Bid is the only online wine auction that does not charge either a listing fee or a buyer’s premium, making Cellar Bid the most member friendly online wine auction on the internet. You are welcome to list your wines for free and as a buyer there will be no fee added when you win a wine auction. Therefore, whether you are looking to buy or sell wine online you have come to the right place.

It is important to note that Cellar Bid welcomes Wine Brokers to sell their wines at our site. Since Wine Brokers often represent other parties, it is possible that the wine may no longer be available. Therefore, it may be necessary to confirm availability after the completion of the auction. Cellar Bid requires that Wine Brokers list their wines with an opening bid price that the Broker finds acceptable as a fair selling price. That assures a bidder that the wine will be delivered if available, regardless of the selling price.

Before you begin bidding, please review the Buyer's Guide carefully as it has important information that you should know before using the site. It is presumed that all Buyers have read the Guide in its entirety and agree to be bound by all the provisions contained within the Buyer's Guide.

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